onshore coatings

Pipeline Coating Rehabilitation

Aegion Coating Services now offers a field applied liquid coating option for existing pipelines where FBE is not appropriate. Our Rehab division offers not only the option of liquid coating but also blast and removal of existing coatings. We have years of expertise in the pipeline coating industry and can provide many coating solutions that fit your needs.

Advantages of Rehab Coating System

We have long been known as a company dedicated to exceptional service within our industry. It is our commitment to exceed your expectations and provide you with the technical support on which our customers rely.

With many in-service pipelines requiring maintenance, our system allows for minimal downtime for repairs. We can perform rehab in a fixed location on the jobsite or on the right-of-way. Because every project is different, we are able to adapt to fit your needs and provide a custom coating option. Aegion Coatong Services has the ability to apply a variety of coatings to suite your project needs. In addition, we can provide services in cases where an additional ARO coating is necessary on pipe.


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